Application of Vibro Hammer:

  • Construction projects such as  building harbour, marine docks, airport, railway, roads, bridge and canal
  • Infrastructure projects in urban areas or city centers such as waste water, pipeline works
  • Soil reinforcement and stabilization works

Experiences in Pile Driving Equipment Sector:

We have desired technical expertise in the manufacturing of Pile Driving Equipment for more than 25 years. Ozkanlar Machinery contributes to the technological advance of vibratory pile driving machines. Since we combine research and development, we compete in the world market.

Product Range:

Established in 1987, OMS has mastered the design and manufacture of vibratory pile driving/extracting machines, hydraulic power packs, hydraulic clamps, tunnel boring machines and soil improvement equipment. The brand is produced with innovative and state of art technology. Today, OMS is among the companies leading this sector with the in demand products.